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The Basketball Villains Basketball Club was born out of the need to expand the local platform for girls basketball. Year over year, girls basketball programs have been on the decline, partially due to the level of interest, but mainly due to the limitation of opportunities via Basketball Clubs and overall representation of Women in the sport. Our staff recognized the gender disparity (40% boys to 25% girls) and opted to help create change. Our goal is to make the game of basketball exciting again by exposing girls to the sport at a much earlier age and providing training opportunities that will help build their skills, acumen and basketball IQ so that they are ready to play at the eligible age of (8u). This is our approach to help bridge the gender divide between our boys and girls.


We are working hard to create a level platform for youth sports, we welcome girls and boys of all ages and skillsets. From beginners to intermediate players, to our advanced players, we place players on teams suited to their skills. In addition to the training each player receives during team practices, we provide a weekly skills training session to all members of our organization every weekend. This is a 2 hour training that focuses on building fundamental basketball skills (dribbling, passing, shooting), as well as speed, agility, strength and conditioning. Our mission is to build our kids into complete basketball players capable of playing at the highest level and making their High School and Collegiate teams.

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