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villains united initiative

Established in the Fall of 2021, the Villains Basketball organization, in collaboration with Team United, formed a team of players across both orgs to compete in the Made Hoops Winter Session. The goal was to not only participate in the Winter session for a chance to win, but to against some of the best competition on the west coast to both sharpen our players skills, and to measure where we stood amongst the top teams in the west side of the country. Competition was fierce to say the least, and while the first go round was not as successful as this group hoped, the experience and opportunities the Winter Circuit provided is priceless. Not only did it challenge players to raise their game to another level, it provided them with exposure on a national scale while affording them opportunities to play in cities across the west coast that are not typically on their home basketball clubs tournament schedule. 


In 2022, the Villains Basketball Organization established the Villains United Initiative. With the continued growth and development of our Girls Basketball program, we decided to keep the momentum and expand these opportunities in-house, to all qualifying players, affording them every opportunity to go out and compete at the highest level. Every fall season, our Coaching staff picks the highest performers from every qualifying age group and places them on a Villains United team that will compete in some of the top circuits across the country. While our efforts to collaborate with other basketball organizations will vary every year, our goal is to unite Villains Players and Coaches from across the organization with a singular focus of rising above our competition in tournament play.

2021 made hoops winter circuit roster


  • Kahlil Boykin

  • Tommie Patterson

  • Jose Alavarez

2022 Winter Tournament Roster will be completed at the conclusion of the 2022 Summer Season. Tournament Details Coming Soon..

  • Anaiya Garcia #6

  • Ariana Chacon #8

  • Ayashè Trotter #3

  • Ellie Ortega #30

  • Lucy Guitron #0

  • Myella Chapman #20

  • Sanaa Boykin #15

  • Ze'Ni Patterson #23

  • Zion Patterson #45

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