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Modern Structure

Beginner - D3 Level


For our student athletes beggining to learn the game of basketball. Focus is on Fundamentals Skills Training, Court Awareness and Increasing Basketball IQ

Curved Lines

​Intermediate - D2 & D3 Level


For our student athletes with intermediate skills and playing experience. Our focus is improve their fundamental skills while introducing more advanced offensive and defensive concepts and strategies.

Wooden Architecture


Advanced - D1 & D2 Level

Student athletes with advanced skills, higher basketball IQ and at least 3 years of playing experience. We focus on fine tuning fundamentals using advanced drills, offensive and defensive concepts and strategies, with a greater emphasis on man-to-man defense, 1:1 offense, half/full court press in 5v5 execution.

Abstract Marbles


National - D1 Level

This team is comprised of our novice players that travel nationally to compete at the D1 Level.



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